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Same :( i had a bunch of characters and 2 rubies. Oh well.
Did you play Impressive World as well? I remember I played it right up until they closed it. I've felt really nostalgic for it lately ;_:
I really liked the "liminal space" vibe the empty worlds had. and the music... I wish I could listen to the music again, I don't even know where its from.

thanks very much!

I did not play Impressive World, no. Last Moon was really the only IT server I played on, however there were tow others that I tried out and rather liked. One being Azoptaos, and the other being Tribes of Wild.

On a side note, I decided to pop back over to Last Moon's site and I was in fact able to log into my account lol

Those are some I haven't heard of!
I remember I tried quite a few that are probably sadly undocumented at this point.
I remember Dragons Den, a version of Sanctum of Eventide(I actually downloaded and tried TWO different versions of SOE but only one worked consistently). There was one that was something with wolves only(Wolf Soul?). There was one I downloaded that had different flying animations and allowed feathers on the lions(so I had a winged feathered lion). I remember trying one that had ONLY raptors and this other one with no prey items but the maker boasted it was "anatomically correct" on the models x.x...

Last I heard of that one they added JRPG elements. I wonder if its still going, adding RPG elements in multiplayer was interesting.
 My favorite was this one that had Ooogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas as a prey item lmfao but every time you'd login in it would void your health/items.

The last two I remember was "Impressive Polska" and the Russian one with Space in the title.

You were able to login in?o.o to the game itself? I am unable to retrieve my password because their website no longer sends the "forgot password" emails.:( I don't know anyone who runs the game to ask for help and I definitely don't want to start from scratch I'd rather recover the acc I had for years..

Oh! I remember Dragons Den, I also played that one. Kinda forgot about it ngl xD Never played SoE though.

I've heard of Wolf Soul, but I never played it.

Impressive Polska sounds familiar.

I meant I was able to log into the site, but just today I attempted to log into the game and I was able to do so (after failing to update it a million times lmao)~ There are some characters in there I have not seen since like 2014/15. Yeesh, time really flies...

Do you know anyone who runs the website(or game)? x_x I won't be able to play my account if I can't retrieve my password since their website doesn't work..
Woah 2015 lol that is old. I think my oldest ACC is my FH acc I made it in 2011.


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