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Are you addicted to something silly?

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Like me...? I'm addicted to: energy drinks, jelly beans, and skittles. I go berzerk if there is none of that in the house. o-o
I'm also addicted to the net - even if I don't feel like going on, I feel better knowing its there. I flip out and SOB if we have no net access. ._.;

What about you? You got an addiction to anything strange? xD Strange foods, drinks, habits? Something you can't live without? Creature comforts?

x3 Go on, dish! No judging here.

Energy drinkz <3

Well yeah, interwebs. But we are abit of a geeky generation lul.
I'm totally addicted to soda, kewl music, tlk stuff, games yarr stoof!

bah im addicted to... my bed *nyh~ yawn zzzz* in fact ima go lay down been on the forums all day lol... talk to you guys later :)

Sucking on the end of my DS stylus. LOL.
If it's not in my mouth. Like mess if I know where it is.



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