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Roleplay Advertising Board
This section on the forum is here for all the Roleplay Hosters in our community, if you are in a grave need of members or just want to expand your member count for your roleplays this is really the section to go to, likewise if you are currently looking for a new group to join up and roleplay in.

-The threads posted in this section is meant to be for those SEEKING members, if you are looking to join a roleplay group/site you are meant to browse the already existing threads in the board and not creating a thread of your own saying you are looking for one.

-If you post links to other roleplay sites, keep in mind that this roleplay must be FeralHeart related in some way and just not a roleplay you made in which you want members for(FeralHeart related as in having roleplays in the game, on this forum or having story lines taking part on/off the game at the same time).

-Be nice to each other and keep in mind that if you are looking to join a roleplay you are joining someone ELSES roleplay and not yours = They are the ones in charge, also if you are the one posting the advertising thread, make sure you try to be as nice as possible to those seeking.

-You are allowed to post links to other sites and threads within the FH boards, but if any material linked to or displayed in these threads is seen as unnecessary or unwanted by the mods, they might edit/remove your posts without warning.

-Make sure you keep your advertising threads well explained and has good content to them explaining what kind of roleplay it is, what you are seeking and maybe any extra information about it, all to make it easy for members to know what they are looking at.

We hope you find what you are seeking for!

Child Boards For Specific Group
Anyone is able to claim a spot and have a very own child board for your roleplay group here on the FeralHeart forum, by having a board you will be able to more easily get spotted by players but also monitor and manage your group. You as a group leader will be allowed to assign board moderators of your choice to manage your board. However, there's a few requirements you must fulfill before you can have a very own board for your roleplay group.

- Your group MUST have at least 25+ ACTIVE members.
- Your group MUST exist in the game as a group.
- Your group MUST be a well behaved group.
- Your group MUST be considered a long term roleplay.

If you have a group considered being this, you can message me here on the forum and include information and proof of you and your groups activity around the game(or even forum). Things like information about your group, current members, possible site linked to your group etc, and explain why you want/need a board for your group. You will then either be granted or declined for a board. If you got any questions, don't be afraid to fire away a private message.


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