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Pack/Pride Child Board Information


Seeking to have a child board for your roleplay?
We allow up to Six child boards for roleplays at a time.
Requests for child boards are currently Open

How To Get a Child Board for your Roleplay
- If your group has 25+ active members, you may be eligible for a child board.
- When you think you have enough members for a child board, have your group leader message a staff member with the link to your RP thread, the name of your group, and a list of people you want as moderators for your board (including links to their forum profiles).

Note: If a group becomes inactive for a long period of time, it will be removed. Take care of your groups!
If you believe your group has become inactive, and want the child board taken down, message a staff member and we'll do so for you.

Current Roleplays with Child Boards
~TEC~ The Kreptic Circle ~BL~
Blood in the Water
Renegade Row


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