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PANTHEONS | Evolution |OPEN (03/01/2024)

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Created: 06/05/2020
Status: OPEN

Multi-Pack Conflict | Active since 06/05/2020 | Discord MAIN | Plotted | Multi-Paragraph |
PANTHEONS was a group founded in 2020 by Spaz and Stormi based on the idea of four packs tied to a suit in a deck of cards. PANTHEONS takes place in a fictional valley that is large enough to house several different climates, from the frigid and icy mountain ranges, to the heat-blasted lands of the Southern riverbed, to the Coastal Islands full of bright foliage. Guided by a unique Pantheon of Gods, each Suit was dedicated to one main value that drove them to be unique from each other.

The group prospered under four packs for two years! During this time we realized that we needed to downsize and decided to merge our packs while still allowing them to be unique from each other.

Now a three-pack group, PANTHEONS: Evolution takes place after a catastrophic war between the four Suits. We utilize a quest system, unique lore and mythology, and a beautifully crafted map in the world of FeralHeart (optional!).
Welcome to PANTHEONS: Evolution

In the beginning...
Origin of the Valley...(Lore)


Bump! We are recruiting in TG tonight!

Bump! We have some events coming up including, Wag and Thoth festival, Disablot, and a Tea party hosted by Empress Kyo.

Bump! We have just started a new chapter of our rp: The Blaze of Artemis. A unique RP opportunity is open for the entire Month of March. The Heart's Kingdom is on fire, they must escape to the Southern Isles and the Diamond Empire. What will this mean for the suits? Will the Hearts be able to recover from the loss of their land?

PM me or Whisper BloodWinsAll in game! You can also find me at Stormwlf#3070 on discord.


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