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The Sidereal Pride


The Sidereal Pride is open and accepting new members! We are currently a mapless feline group that mostly hangs out and chats OOC. We allow anything such as lions, lynxes, snow leopards, panthers, etc. On top of that, we have no realism requirements for characters either - we just ask that you do not have obnoxious sparkle characters. We originated back in 2020 on FNFH, but have since then branched back to the original game.

While we have no actual activity requirements, we do ask that you pop in every now and then as opposed to sitting in the server lurking. We are mostly Discord based, but we do have a semi active in-game FH group as well.

Interested in joining? Whisper Keratoga on FH or join our server here! https://discord.gg/F9v65pRkej
Note for server joiners: Our server is restricted until a staff member sets you as an initiate. Please be patient and we will add the role as soon as one of us are available. <3

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