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Hi. Anyone else miss logging on and roleplaying on a map? Me too. We don't have a map -- or much of anything -- yet, but lucky for us most of the maps are empty, so there's plenty of room for a temporary spot! I see so many posts lamenting Warrior Cats RPs in-game, so why not join and give it a try again?

This RP is still in the planning stages, but I'd prefer if this was 90% written in-game. A classic Warrior Cats theme, with a small plot to go off of. Formerly a single clan of cats that migrated far from their original four clans, OakClan has split into two halves due to disagreements of leadership, the new clan being SeaClan. My Discord is molagrunda -- I'm looking for a few dedicated individuals to help me set it all up!

No shop. No 'earned' traits. No points. Just straight roleplay. LGBT+ friendly of course. Presets encouraged.

OakClan - More traditional, larger, lives in the forest. Contests the territory of much of the moors of SeaClan.
SeaClan - Smaller, more open to alternative ways of governing and tradition, lives in the moors by the sea.

Hit me up when you're ready! :)


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