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//Welcome to The FeralHeart Creations Board for Addons & Mods!//
FeralHeart has a big userbase which creates all sorts of modifications and addons for the game that can be used by the majority. This section of the forum is here for you guys to show off and post your creations for the rest. However, due to the amount that actually exists, and keeps on arriving here on the boards, a few things must be taken to notice and that's where this thread comes in.
Where to post
Just for the sake of keeping things more organized and keeping the focus where it should be, you as a user must submit your threads properly within the board and respect the rules put up. Some of the boards content is rather self explanatory, some is not, so please make sure you understand this post and where your creations are meant to go.

This board is a placeholder for all the child boards regarding map creations and only hold potential stickies or information, for more detailed information click HERE.

Request Maps
This board is meant for threads that ask for maps to be made. Maybe you want a certain environment but have not seen any maps with it, maybe you have a lot ideas but not the energy or time to make it happen, being a host of a roleplay but not the know-how to create a map for it? Just post a thread there and maybe someone will help you out.

Work In Progress Maps & Map Discussion
If you have a map you're currently working on but you still want to show it off or discuss about it with other users this board is for you. This board also allow more general chat about mapping subjects or maps in general.

Finished Maps
As the title of this child board states, this board is for finished maps ONLY. This section is here to make it easy for users to locate finished maps to roam around in, but also making it easier for the map makers to get their maps out to users. Only thing needed is to follow a few simple rules on the board.

Presets & Markings
In this section you are meant to post about any Presets and/or Markings that you might have. Single preset, single marking, preset pack or preset marking. All those threads would belong in here along with WIP creations for presets and markings. Rather simple.

Request Preset/Marking
As the title explains this section is for you that wish to ask the community for something to made. If you do not have the time or know how, maybe someone will help you out to create the thing you are looking for. Only request threads or potentially commission threads are meant to go in this section.

This board exist for all the meshers in the community and sharing all made objects and meshes made/imported for the game. If you're looking for objects for your mapping or just want to see what other users might have to share this is certainly where to look.

Request/Find Meshes
If you're looking for a particular object/mesh for the game others might be able to help you locate one or maybe go the extra stretch and make one for feralheart. All requests or questions asking for where a certain object or mesh can be found should go in here.

Other Creations
An important part of the creations board. Since there's many sort of creations users can make for the community, and because we do not wish to create tons of child board for every single modification a user can make, we have a combined board for various creations called "Other Creations. This board include things liike modded skins, textures, sounds, etc. Everything that cannot be placed in the other sections are meant to go HERE.

User Creations Collection
This is a special board for our most dedicated modders and creative minds in the community. In here users can post a thread including all their various creations in one place. This way if you make textures, maps, markings and other various addons for the game you could show it all off and keep it all organized more easily. However, do make sure you read the board rules HERE before posting your own thread.

Board Rules-Please post your threads/creations in the correct board!

-Try to be nice towards the ones creating the content and only give constructive criticism if needed

-No double posting threads containing the same content

-Do not post anything that can be found as inappropriate or offensive

-Do not under any circumstances steal others work/creations and claim it as your own(Unless you were given permission to post them)

(Make sure these rules are followed and you will all contribute in making this section a lot more easier to browse around in)


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