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I think we should, or give users the option to switch it on/off. So the people who want it on can have it on, and those who want it off can have it off.

We should.

--- Quote from: Kahara on February 21, 2011, 05:20:49 pm ---I think we should. I see no point in it other than to boost peoples ego's or make people who care too much about what others think feel bad.

--- End quote ---

I agree fully with this. So i havent anything else to say at the moment.

I'd say it has to go. But an off/on switch would be nice.

hmm off on switch is a good idea i must say to have the option to toggle if you want to participate in karma like the olf IT forum had

  I beleive there already is an option to turn Karma off, no one has noticed it yet, or used it yet. I don't really see the point in getting rid of it entirely, because if people are scared off by Karma, then they obviously are not thinking for themselves. I use karma sometimes as a way of getting rid of frustration when someone has said something that I beleive to be wrong. And I don't mean a simple disagreeing, i mean those who go out of their way to insult someones beleifs or opinions, all because they think their opinion is the only one that matters....

  And i find it a great source of enertainment. I find it a little funny when I bite someone that their number decreases. I am easily amused by the numbers... And I also like to go around nuzzling then biting for the fun of it too.
  Can no one else say they haven't had that guilty pleasure?


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