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You in FH vs. You in the Forums

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In game, I try to atleast make an effort to keep my grammar and punctuation correct but most of the time if its in my mind, its going on my keyboard even if its written like a 2 year old.

On the forums however, I have more time to think about what I'm going to say and take the time to proof read what I've written a few times before I post.

( I really like this topic<33 )

I would say I'm a bit different on the forums then I am in-game, but really not too much. What you see is pretty much what you get both ways (sort of). I shall explain~

On The Forums
I make an effort to have correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Especially when I'm speaking generally on the forums and not just privately (PMs). Most often I keep my sentences complete, and I follow basic grammatical rules. Additionally, I tend to naturally speak a bit more formally on the Forums. Although if I'm on a good friends thread I'll often litter it with purposeful errors.
(Example: "Hey! How are you? :3")

I tend to be a lot more loose in game with my speaking. I tend to use slang and shortened words a lot more than I use on the Forums. However I still tend to naturally start my sentences with capital letters(which I know some dont in game). Although in-game I often don't speak in complete sentences or at the very least I sometimes don't add punctuation to the end(unless I say more then one sentence).
(Example: "Halloo! How is yew? :3")

Vespian tends to act the same on the forums as well as in the actual game. Although, there are some minor differences.

On the forums, me guesses ye can say I'm much more outspoken and prone to conversation while in the game, I'll hardly utter a word less addressed directly. Whether in-game or on the forums, I use my own collection of slang (that apparently makes I sound like a pirate?) and punctuation. There have even been some instances where I'll partake in tumblr speak, though scarcely.

Not much of a difference regardless. Vespian acts like Vespian through and through no matter what program or tab may be open.

As for myself, I've got to second what Vask already said.

When I'm drifting 'round the forum I prefer to type in a formal manner (excluding when I'm directly responding to a close friend of course, lol).
I like to come off, to other and newer members, as mature and helpful, and in doing so I like to use proper phrases and the like.

Most of the time while in-game I'm an intentional moron. X3
This is just because when I'm in-game, I'm with good friends the majority of the time, and when I'm with friends all I do is joke around and ramble nonsense- with an exception of course, of when I'm speaking with a user I've never met; in said situation I swap back to my (usually) mature, friendly manners. C:

Quite an interesting topic, hun!

Well, I'm a bit different in game and on the forum.
Similarly to a few others before me, I'm much more formal on the forums, and more of a random goofball in game.
I guess in game, it's usually just me and a few friends, so I can just let out all my strangeness openly, but the forum seems more of a sophisticated place to me.


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