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You in FH vs. You in the Forums

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In-game I am more interested in enjoying playing with friends and helping other players whereas on the forum I tend to be more interested in contributing things that will help FH long-term.

I'd say I'm pretty much the same on both game and forum. However, on the forum I'm more all over the place, whereas in game I might stick to friend groups/RPs! I still try to help whenever I see someone say they need something in local, though! Often times I'll be RPing with friends even in The Grounds!

 believe im the same in forums and on game? a lot more active and talkive in game though!

im a lot -Removed by moderator-

I am a creature of a few words, on the forum and in the game. I play around alone in the game, I prefer it, and I also love taking screenshots of my characters. I'm a huge introvert lol


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