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Anonymous Feral Heart Staff Evaluation Survey

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Here is our Feral Heart Staff evaluation form. Please take the time to look over this and share your thoughts. All answers are anonymous and everyone is welcome to participate. We want to make the best of your FH experience so help us with your feedback! We appreciate your honesty.

Keep in mind that this survey is timeless and will remain up forever but may be updated within need. If you have any additional questions or suggestions about the survey feel free to post them below! We ask that you remain respectful and constructive with your responses.

Thank you!

I'm SUPER glad this feedback form was made, it'll especially help the Staff get a bit more insight of the opinions of the public that they might have missed/don't see often. I hope the forms help the Staff Team improve, if even possible. <3

Couldn't agree with Shurtle myself.
I really love this idea and hope to see more of it in the future if possible. This can truly bring the community and the staff more together as a whole.
 Good Luck everyone and good luck to the possible future of Feral-Heart. <3

Great idea! Giving and receiving feedback effectively is an important part of communication.
I believe this survey will help you make an improvement on understanding the community with its various points of view.

-slams fist on table- Heck yes, I love it. These things are super helpful indeed!


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