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What can I say? The forum update is brilliant. The new forum layout is cleaner. Ranks... Well, Poligrip is not the peak of my dreams, but when I look at others, I choke on laughter, LoL. Topping up the posts to the counter, although inadvertently, was a nice touch after all. I am very pleased to look at the boards because it will be easier for new people to get into this. It's nice to see a breath of freshness in the forum sometimes, so I have to admit: Feral Heart staff, you are amazing. You do so much for the community, and because I hold a glass of juice in my hand (who knows, maybe it is Polgrip?), I wanted to toast to the staff, but I think by the way for each member of this wonderful community.

As for the dots... I missed them a little, but this is not the time to return. So toast and dots.


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