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Once you vote, it would be great if you could post why you voted what you did so we can hopefully improve.

9, because it's so big, old posts are hard to find. Its just soooo big!! xD and whats the point of the 'see unread posts' option because I'm sure noone's intention is to read every single post xD

I think it could be a little more organized. Like in the help section, there's up to 90 somthing pages of posts, many are repeated questions. There should be a way for the forum people who do change stuff in the forum, to put solved situations all together in one of those posts(I think it was called a sticky...) that stays at the top and front everytime :D that way, people may look there to find similar situations and solutions.

Edit: Oh and also, I don't like how the posts read down to up, back to front. Alot of topics are about the first post, so I think it should be as normal, with the first posts on the first page, and most recent on the last ^_^

Otherwise, I think this forum is great!


I do like this forum, it's well organized and the point gets across. However I think a few things could be fixed. The boards, some of them could use more a description in areas and proper capitalization where needed. Also, maybe change the "Talk About Yourself..." to "Community" because that seems to be more community related subjects. Yes, it is talking about ourselves, but that title seems a bit.. off, or 'egotistical' in a sense for one to talk about themselves. ^^;

Also, I noticed when I click "View Members" there is no "View Staff" - I can click "View Position" but that still doesn't list all staff. Being linked to all of the staff would be very helpful if something is happening and a member wants to grab the attention of a staff member. I noticed in the "Staff Team" thread that only the administrators are linked to, I think, aside from Red. The linking to accounts is helpful, so I think you should do it with them all! ^-^

Mentioned in this thread on page eleven, mainly, are some helpful ideas that could easily apply to the forum. Such as the "Game Journal" idea mentioned. =]

I also, upon glancing at "Game + Forum Discussion" it seems sort or disorganized a tad.

Perhaps you could have the top board be for all things FeralHeart GAME related. Polls, ideas, opinions. The board below it for all things FeralHeart FORUM related. Polls, ideas, opinions. No fancy names either, just "FH Game" then the subboards "Polls" "Ideas" "Opinions" (with proper descriptions) and "FH Forum" "Polls" "Ideas" "Opinions"

I know it sounds like a lot, and I'm really sorry if it seems like I'm bashing on good work, but I feel that if the time is taken to do these things, it may help out the forums appearance. ^-^

That's all. Generally, good job on the forum, and good job running it. 8]


Forum Layout/Color: Some of the colors I understand, the tan-ish color. But yellow and black, all I can thin is bumble bee. Why not something that flows better, more colors that mix and blend well. The boards themselves bother me a lot. They're simple grammatical and punctuational errors, plus they lack descriptive and helpful descriptions. Why do half the job, either do it all at once or don't put anything down, lol. It can be fixed though, I've done it in the past and it does not take much time at all. o3o The mini profile seems cluttered, and most forums I know of have the avatar image above the karma, post count, gender and all. So it looks off to me. When you post a message, the preview message background isn't black in color, like it is when you actually post, which makes decorating or viewing a message .. sort of.. wrong in a sense? Idk, it bothers me. Also, I understand all of these ads keeps the forum / site / server running and up, but couldn't they at least be more neatly placed, in somewhere else in the site less noticeable? I know, that complaint doesn't make much sense, but it's a reason for why I only give a five. ;P Also, the news feed. I like it, but I didn't even know it existed for a while. Maybe make it more noticeable to people?

Code Problem: I noticed with the [ c e n t e r ] code, it doesn't work unless the center code is on the outside of all the other codes. I think there's a similar issue with the size being on the outside the color code? I've no idea why this is, but is it fixable? It's annoying. >>

Staff: I think you should make mini-mods, and those boards I've suggested before to you on MSN, like the debate board for general mature debates and other such things. Make those boards as well, but only/if after you clean up the other boards. Staff in general, it seems.. confusing. Maybe be more organized and straight forward with who is on the team in the Staff Team list, who does what, who moderates what, what is their area of specialty?

More organized help threads also. I noticed a lack of well laid out, helpful threads in noticeable places to new members. o3o And maybe at some point, someone go through and fix the horrible grammar in the "Documentations" of the site? And rename that to tutorials, because that's WHAT they are. They're not 'documentations'. Just call them tutorials, people may ACTUALLY look there more often. xD

Maybe to be nice (this isn't needed but it has always bothered me) make a list of people who helped make this game? After all, there are a few unnamed people who have markings in game. Credit should be given, m'thinks. o3o

Otherwise, it is a nice forum, with somewhat productive and helpful staff members and members alike.

go with ze 9!!!

Good organized for most parts, slim and easy to look at for being such a big forum. Only thing that puts away from a full score is some minor bugs that lays around and that it could use some organizing on some of the child boards in the future, but they don't really bring down the whole forum score in my eyes.

Summed things up very well.


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