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Why So Quiet? Speak Up! :D

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I have noticed lately that so many of you are not posting anything even though I keep seeing you online periodically and I was wonder why this is happening.

Are you shy? Or perhaps you just come to read what others are saying? Or perhaps you are afraid to say something that may offend another person? Or something else perhaps?

Yes it could be that they are shy like you said, they don't want to say anything because there is nothing to be said, they may be more comfortable at just lurking about at what others are saying, and will only say something when the time is right for them. Everyone is different and there's nothing wrong with that :). Me on the other hand I'll only speak when it's necessary, but other than that I just talk a load of gibberish. :o  :P XD

too busy to respond in the way they want or people who are intimidated by things like the high post count/floofs, it gives us who have been around a while a false air of professionalism/In The Know/Crew imo

Most of the people I see online aren't much forum users, hence why their post number are below 10. I personally don't see an issue - it's either they are interested or not. If I can make an educated guess and go based on number, there's at least 10 consistent members who are active on the forums.

But to stay on topic, Telluric pretty much summed it up. Intimidation could be one of them or they're just simply browsing for resources.

People could just be checking around the forum or watching a certain topic but not wanting to engage.


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