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embarrassing old times

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omg, although I've been here for just almost a year, I still can't help but cringe at myself from the past X'D I'm thinking about making a post about this too LOL

I used to be jelous of peoples floof meters 💀💀

Back when I did 't use yellow ... But instead orange, teal, red and neon green at the same time. In one of my first posts that dates back to 2013 I think, I claimed that me and my friend have been around for 3 years aldready lol

It's a bad day if I have to see any of the posts I made on my old account pop up again on the forum, my like 10-14 year old self should not have had unrestricted access to the internet to post the most cringey things anyone's ever seen lmao. I think posting my stories I wrote about the Lion King, emo wolves, etc. was one of the greatest offenders

I just have to tell myself that everyone's gone through that phase :')


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