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Margaret with a feather mane. She looks adorable.

One of my new favorite images. Might make this a banner on DA or something with some edits.


Margaret in the water, mid-blink.

This is one of my recently finished preset projects! Her name is Laika, and she's a maned lioness. That preset viewer is a godsend.

Yet another one of my recent preset projects. His name is Rusty. He is a tsavo lion.

Underwater views of Margaret resting on a rock in the Ficho Tunnels.

That's all I got for now! Will probably make more in the near future.

I absolutely love Margeret- the colors and the markings go so well together~

I somehow find nostalgia seeing this kind of casual floofy post, it's really nice to see.
Nice screenies, Magaret really does look cute in those feathers.  ;)

simple and adorable! I love these presets, especially the feathered mane look :3


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