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Storytime: "Searching" - Feat. 'Tsuki the Moon Wolf'

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The white she-wolf treaded softly and slowly on the snow barren grounds, the snow crunching beneath her with each step. Her head low, eyes rather solemn, she walked without any real destination…Where were all of them? This place used to be slightly abundant with all kinds of canids like herself…All so different, with their colors and markings and shapes and sizes…But some with the same longing. To be in another place…To have a second chance…A new beginning…To be released from the bonds of their troubles.

She of course did not wish upon anyone to have such troubles, but it was why she was there, exploring different worlds, in search for any canids that craved and needed peace for themselves. Of course, she was not the one that could bring them that peace, not even the paradise-like place that she were to bring them to... But they would need to find out for themselves of how they could acquire that true peace.

After traveling for quite some time, under the moon’s full light, it illuminating her pure white coat and softly faint teal facial markings only just slighty-a lot dimmer than how they used to glow under the moon-she finally stops. In the middle of nowhere, on top of one of the hills in the beautiful snowy land, a few snowflakes dancing in the breeze, she looks up at the beloved moon… She just sits here, blankly, and after a few moments pass, tears start to form in her blue eyes. She begins to breathe a bit more heavily, her eyes closing, before collapsing down on the cold ground, resting her head between her aching paws. She sighs heavily and slowly…And as she exhales, a faint whisper of, “Shadow…” escapes her breath.

Curled up, the she-wolf begins to open her eyes slightly. Seeing the horizon start to have some light, she realizes she has slept the rest of the night. She traveled pretty far…Usually a wolf of her race would sleep only during the day, but for quite some time now she has found herself sleeping at random times...

Stretching out a bit, she shakes her body from the snow that gathered itself on it, and sets off again. Her stomach growls a vicious one. She realizes she hasn’t eaten a decent meal in almost 3 days now. Perhaps she can catch a little something on her travels…

Managing to find a vole burrowed in the snow, she chomps down the last bit of it before continuing her journey. Whatever that may be now…

She also manages to give a few howls into the wind every once in awhile as she walks, as loud as she could muster, to see if anyone were to reply.

Did she fail? Was she finished? Was there any more reason for her to be here?... She stuck around this world, traveling in between others, for the purpose of finding more recruits, but…What was the real reason why she was still here? Did she really hope that somehow, in some sort of miraculous way, that he would come back?... She didn’t know anymore. She didn’t even know herself anymore... She has felt this huge…pause. From everything and anything…anyone for awhile now. She didn’t even have the passion for why and how she even came to this place from the very beginning anymore. Things were-literally-silent.

She stops. Seeing the dark, grey sky suddenly break into sunlight, her head and ears perk up a bit. For just a moment, it was as if hope had crept into her very soul, if only just a smidgen of it… She climbs up a hill, rather fast paced, to see before her weary eyes the most beautiful sunrise she has seen in a long time…Her maw drops open slightly, both from catching her breath and from the awe that she was witnessing... Closing her eyes while in the sun’s rays, she breathes in and out slowly, allowing the cold, crisp air in her lungs.

Closing her eyes even tighter, she pulls her head down, as if concentrating hard on something. She then relaxes her expression, opening back up her eyes slowly, looking towards the sunrise again. Her gaze transfixed on it, expression rather serious, eyes shifting and scanning the horizon, as if searching for something there. Not knowing what else to do, she gives a good long, melancholic howl towards the bright star, her head staying down at the end of the cry for a moment, eyes closed.

Finally, at the same slow, rhythmic pace, she moves on.

woah that's very beautiful! I can't wait to see more from you :3

Really love the sensory details here! Great job :D

Very nice job! I loved reading though this~


--- Quote from: ferimeX3 on December 18, 2021, 05:07:08 pm ---woah that's very beautiful! I can't wait to see more from you :3

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much! ^^ I enjoyed writing it... Just let my emotions flow through it really. Thanks again! +floof :3


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