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Sittin' By The Fire


Happy New Year!! Had a nice little convo goin' on here at the campfire at Kibou Ridge with one of my new friends. She's awesome. ^_^

Later, another friend joined us. A pretty sleepy lion whom couldn't keep his eyes open while Scar and I talked...X'D

So ya, not much of a post here haha but just wanted to share. It's been a pleasant and fun night with these two! <3 Always awesome to be making new friends on Feral Heart. Now I must get back to them if they haven't left already, been afk posting this! XD

I hope everyone is having a great New Year's Eve and will have a FANTASTIC, adventurous New Year with all kinds of new opportunities!! Stay floofy. ;) <3

aww adorable screenies, glad you had fun!! Hope the new year goes well for you :3


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