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2022 Holiday Party Invitation

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Ho, ho, ho! The holiday season is finally here, and Christmas is just around the corner.
That means it's time for the Feralheartians to gather 'round the tree and commemorate a time to be with loved ones,
share good tidings and good feasts, and enjoy what the season brings.
You're all invited!

When and Where

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we will not be able to host the party within this year. We have picked the date we did due to our schedules denying us the free time to properly host it for you sooner. Along with this, we are trying to consider the schedules and personal lives of you the community. We want to put our best efforts into setting a date where most people will be able to attend.

When: On January 7th at 4pm EST
Where: In a private map made just for the event by our very own Majorest!


The wonderful LadySigyn will be playing music for the party!
Click here to go to the stream!

Do you want everyone to see your character's festive preset?

Be sure to send a private message of your presets .fhp to Ame88 before the 5th (late enteries may not be accepted).
Users may not submit more than two presets or presets with files larger than 5MB.
Your fellow floofs' presets will be available in one big download on the day of the event!


Downloads will be provided an hour before the party begins. Keep an eye out for when they drop!
Map & presets download: Linkie
Map only download: Linkie
Presets only download: Linkie

Excited to see everyone there!

i'll drop in if i can! nice link troll LOLLLLL

so how'd it go


--- Quote from: danysaurus on December 30, 2022, 06:34:40 pm ---so how'd it go

--- End quote ---

The party hasn't happened yet ^ -^ It's date is January 7th, 8 dayes from now~

I think I'll be difficult to participate in the party because it is the opposite of my country's time. But I hope you all have a great time! :)


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