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Off-Topic Discussion Rules
This is the off-topic board on this website, but even this must have respectable guidelines. Please follow these rules, or your thread will be locked or deleted.
[*] When you make a thread here, please be sure to introduce a general topic of discussion. This is a discussion board; there must be something that has a logical topic at hand. Be sure you and other posters in your thread to not veer it off-topic as well, or else it will be rendered off-topic and could be locked.
[*] Your threads may involve discussions or story sharing on personal experiences, but do not post too personal threads. For example, you may post things about 'the most embarrassing moments ever' or 'weirdest dreams ever', but please do not post any 'this is my life' 'I got a new pet' or 'what should I wear' etc. If any "borderline" threads are posted, you will be warned by a moderator to give your thread a bit more detail and discussion. Failure to oblige will result in the thread being locked.

[*] Do not give out any personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers etc. This includes no discussion threads regarding anything that would apply to this.

[*] Do not create any sort of self-harm or suicide threads. This board is for discussion, but those are serious issues and there are other dedicated sites you can go to for help.

[*] Please do not post threads focusing on recently deceased users or friends of FeralHeart. Especially if they include personal information. It's more respectful to family etc.

[*] No random chat threads. These will be locked immediately.

[*] Basic forum rules apply. Do not post flaming, hateful threads towards other members. Do not cuss / talk about adult topics / etc. No spam threads, no commercial threads.

[*] If your thread is locked or deleted due to breaking one of these rules, do not post another one. Failure to follow this rule can lead to further action taken, perhaps resulting in banning your account from the website. If you have any questions about the reason for your thread being locked/deleted please PM a member of the staff.


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