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Hey FH, why are you happy today?

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A lot of people in my life have been very negative and I always hear about people having a bad day, and how bad their life is. I miss hearing why everyone is having an awesome day!

Here is why my day was awesome, please tell my why yours was too, even just a little thing!

My day is awesome because I had a nice lunch out, and I got a significant part of my packing to move done. I had a nice walk, and someone had mowed their lawn and it smelled so nice! The cream to sugar ratio in my coffee was perfect, and I got a donut I wouldn't have been able to eat last month, but thanks to fresh dental work I can eat sweets again!

Why was your day great?

I love this idea so much!
My day was awesome because I made it through work and am able to order some food! <3

I'm extremely happy cause I got my cotto salami today. cccc:< I am one happy bean.

Honestly, i am tired too with the negative stories. True or not, its annoying. Seems like everyone is going through a tough patch simce 2017. 2017 wasn't the greatest year for me either and 2018 is shaking to be like one too.

However, my day was great i got to my boyfriend and he just overall a nice person

Made browines today too.

I love this topic<3

As for me, I spent today out with a friend. We watched a movie, got ice cream, and went to buy new toys for our dogs lol (my dog loves her new toy!)

And now I'm just relaxing, which is very nice~


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