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Object Show Fans?


Apparently, there's no surviving posts or maybe there were never any posts about web shows like BFDI or Inanimate Insanity. Let's change that!  ;D

"The heck is an "object show"? ??? —Everyone probably viewing this right now.
You'd best be clicking here to find out, I am not about to plagiarize. I'm also not the best at explaining either. 

For those who do know: Do you have any favourite shows? Any favoruite characters? Favourite episodes in general of shows? I don't have a favourite...Any of those, really. [typical of me, LOL.] But a show I really like is Brawl of the Objects, and the one show that started it all itself, Battle For Dream Island! To be honest, I like all objects shows! Eh, actually, with some exceptions. The exceptions are all edgy or something. Maybe have something thrown in for shock value... Eugh.

Your turn now!


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