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Re: what do i put here cuz idk
« Reply #10 on: May 04, 2021, 04:07:20 pm »
In reality, there's more people more of your age than people who are 20 and up. Have you ever tried socializing with anyone or try to engage in activity? I am sorry if I sound passive aggressive with my question. You can easily find them on Feral Society hosted by SpicyDirt.

The average you will see on here is 15-16, sometimes 13-14, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to find them. With that being said, I am sorry you having a difficult time finding friends on FH. With majority of people gone, it is hard. Perhaps start a group aim for only 13 and below? Best of luck
ty ty. yup, i rarely find people my age on there. but, if they are my age, they are just too 'quote on quote' "BoRiNg" because they go afk so much or things like that bUT ofc i understand that people would probs have to go afk, but if you go afk during like school (for EXAMPLE) whats the point on even having FH open? like its a GAME to PLAY, not some afk hangout. dont see this as offence.
Just because someone is afk, doesn't make them a boring person. Majority of the time, if you were to enter the game and someone says, "Does anyone talk?" It's silent right? Another thing is that you could have caught them at a bad time, but I don't think you should call someone boring because they are AFK. People have a life and not always glued to the computer.

And just saying 'don't see this as offence', its still offensive more way or another. That's just me.

Also, your example, I don't see anything wrong with having FH open while doing something - in this sense, school. I'm on all the time but usually afk, does that make boring, no. But however, I see your frustration. Then again, you need to remember, FH is small and makes everything dead - certain times of the day the general chat is active.

And yes, you are right, it is a game you play, but there isn't much activity, is there? Hence why people sit there and go afk.

Overall, I think you should play games outside of FH and then invite them here, so yall can play together and make friends all together.
ye, i know they cant just be glued to the computer as you said as neither can i, but i dont go afk on there unless im waiting for someone or i know i will play FH when i get back to it.

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Re: what do i put here cuz idk
« Reply #11 on: May 04, 2021, 04:55:38 pm »
Your argument is very two sided. One minute you are saying they boring and the other minute you are saying they can't be glued to their computers, including yourself. So which one is it? If anything, if you're also on afk too, then wouldn't you be calling yourself boring?

Like you said, you will get back to whenever your available, and that's what people are doing when they are afk. Bottom line, that is disrespectful and offensive, as I am always afk. Yes it can be frustrating, but you don't have the right to call a person anything.

All I am saying be mindful on what you say because even the little things can hurt someone feelings.

I have answered your question before, but again, there's many ways to make friends besides FH
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