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2022 Summer MOTS Nominations

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As the sun gets hotter and brighter than ever, there is just one thing that comes around here at FeralHeart!
It's that time again for you, the community, to nominate who you believe should be the next Members of the Season!

Who should be nominated?
Members of the Season should be helpful, dedicated, and friendly users whom are generally liked by most of the community

How do I nominate?
Use the form below to nominate the user(s) you believe should be this years Summer MOTS

Please follow this format when nominating
Your Forum Username:
MOTS Nomination(s): [User(s) & Link(s) to Profile(s)]
Why? (Optional):

Rules for Nominating
Please read rules before nominating!

- You must have at least 25 posts to nominate or be nominated
- You may not nominate a user in the same IP range as yourself (and yes, that includes nominating yourself)
- Current/former staff members may not be nominated
- If someone is already under "Qualified Users," please nominate someone else
- You are allowed and encouraged to nominate TWO users
- Once you have posted your choices, you may not modify your post
- Nominees must get a total of THREE nominations in order to qualify for MOTS voting
- Please do not nominate the winners of the Spring MOTS
- Please provide a link to the profile of each user you are nominating
- Qualified users may opt out of the voting by messaging a staff member and leaving a post below; all decisions are final
- Qualified users can not drop out after the nomination phase has ended

Please do not chat in the nomination thread!
However, if you have a question, you may post it here for a staff member to answer

Nominated Users

Qualified Users
Domino-FH (3/3)
BlackSheWolf (3/3)
faewyn (3/3)
heyitsgeeky (3/3)

The deadline for nominations is May 25th!
Best of luck to everyone!

your forum username: telluric
mots nomination(s): heyitsgeeky & domino-fh
why? (optional): fairly active & always have somethin' to say when it's needed.

good luck to everyone.

Nominations Counted

your forum username: Security
mots nomination(s): Domino-Fh - https://feral-heart.com/smf/index.php?action=profile;u=347046
why? (optional): Quite active around game, friendly and very helpful

Nomination Counted

Name: Ellen
MOTS Nomination(s): heyitsgeeky
Why?(optional): I believe Geeky deserves it <3 cheerful and awesome.

Nomination Counted

Username: kxynine
Nominations: Domino-FH - https://feral-heart.com/smf/index.php?action=profile;u=347046
Why?: All-around really sweet person and very dedicated to the community and game

Nomination Counted


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