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How To Report In-Game users


How To Report In-Game users
This thread provides all the basic information you need to know about reporting here in Feral-Heart.
Please take note of the information below if you need to report a user or just want to find out how to do so.

So how does reporting work?
Whenever a user breaks any of the Feral Heart Game Rules (such as use of foul language, inappropriate or extremely rude behavior etc), you as a player can contact Staff here at and bring a certain situation in-game to their attention. Depending on the severity of the case, and the proof provided in a report, a mod or admin may later take action towards the reported user if seen necessary (such as giving the user a warning, or restricting a user from playing the game for a certain/reasonable amount of time). Reports in general are a really good way to help us keep the game clean and a more enjoyable place for most, and if done correctly you're very likely to help the staff deal with problematic users faster. Your help really does makes a difference!

How should a report be made?
A report should be sent over PM (private message) here on the site to either a Moderator, Global Moderator or an Administrator. The report should include information about "who" is being reported and "why". Inside of the message you should most importantly include screenshots from within the game showing the said rule-break you are reporting, along with additional information that may be needed. Even if you feel something isn't necessary to include, include it. You never know. One thing to remember is that reports including only text will of course be read, but usually no direct actions can or will be taken on text only based reports, hence the importance of always including screenshot proof alongside your report.

How To Report A User

Step #1. Screenshot the offense, and make sure your screenshot includes the offender's username in the chat and/or name tag, look here for what is valid, and what is not.

Step #2. Locate the screenshot files and ensure even someone who wasn't there could understand the rule break by looking at the screenshot(s) you have.

Step #3. Upload your report's screenshot evidence to an image sharing/host site such as, as used in the example above.

Step #4. Go to the Staff Page and choose either a Moderator or Global Moderator to send your report.

Step #5. Explain who you're reporting, why, and include any other details that you may find useful/helpful to the Moderator you're sending your report to.

(You have now filed a report that the Staff will be able to look over A.S.A.P, good job!)

Please do NOT send your report to any other Feral Heart Related Sites. Your Reports should be sent on the Official Feral-Heart Website ONLY. Thank you.

How To Report In-Game users - Example Screenshots
A valid report must include the original/raw screenshot(s). Meaning, the screenshot must not be modified in any way before use in your report.
The Images below are for example use only and are to help guide you on how to file a valid report using screenshots. Please do not submit a report with cropped or edited screenshots.

In any Chat Box related offense, it is expected that you either show both Character Name and Username, or just the Username when it comes to screenshotting
Chat Box content. In the image provided above, 3 examples have been given. The first example is a post displayed with both the Character's name and Username, which
count as valid necessities to use in a report. The second post only displays the Character's name, which alone is virtually useless to a Moderator in a report. Therefore it is
not valid. As for the third post, you can see someone's username displayed only. This also counts as a valid necessity to use in a report.

The screenshot above is an example of a valid report. In the image above, you will notice that the Rule Breaker's Username and "Offense" are clearly visible in the Chat Box. If the character name is only displayed, the
report will not count towards being a valid report. A character name is not a valid user identity. Even if you so happen to have the user's name tag in sight where both
Character Name and Username are visible. This will not back up as appropriate evidence towards an offense located in the Chat Box.

However, if the offence is "physical" (such as suggestive sexual positioning), then you must screenshot the characters as well. You will notice that in the image above,
the Rule Breaker's Username is clearly visible on their Name Tag, as well as in the chat in case you see a situation where both are needed.
When sending in a report to a staff member, raw and unedited screenshots are always preferred,. If your report has been deemed invalid or not genuine due to excessive editing and cropping, it may not be accepted.

Thank you for reading and helping keeping Feral Heart a more friendly and clean game!


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