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Some Tips On Becoming A Successful Group

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welcome! i hope that you either agree to these sets to a point or disagree with proven factual evidence.

I.) The Creation

=>Do Not Follow Cliches
Unless you truly wish for a generic group that you've seen others doing; don't do it. It ends badly, always has unless you have god-like charismatic tendencies. If you are part of the members before the update; you've probably seen a lot of generic wolf packs. Do you see them around nowadays? Probably not. That's because they followed along with trends they saw others were doing.

=>Establish Social Media
Social media is a grand way to settle down rules; ranks, plots, and any other little bells and whistles you like to your group. It also promotes a bit of activity and more communication with other members. I highly recommend this for you stay in touch with members a lot more. A few grand social media toys that are for free; sites: proboards, webs, weebly. chats: discord, chatzy, skype.

=>Establish The Basic Bones
Now that you have somewhere you can put information; it's time to settle on the basic bones. Basic bones include a plot or no plot, ranks, rules, biographies, religion, and more. Creating a group takes a massive effort and you need to take it one step of a time. Include the descriptions after you have made the basic bones.

=>Find Two Loyal Allies
You cannot create a successful group alone. Make sure you have at least one to two allies that are active and willing to get down and dirty and help you with ideas. Make sure to choose the one to two friends carefully for they possibly will be part of your basic social structure.

II.) Tips For Oneself

=>Establish Balance Within Yourself.
Do not be a control freak with your group: (Eg: making them stick to their character 7 times a week and 12 hours online doing something per week; including strict activity rules and strict out of character rules.) However, be firm and make sure that your control is strong enough to calm down a rowdy crowd if something goes down. (I have an old friend whom wasn't firm enough with a realistic pack and a few of her members went on a rampage.)

=>Stick With What You Say.
When you promote activity, be on at a certain hour for so many minutes or hours and do it regularly. No matter if you don't get many members the first week/days you need to stick with the group. People /will/ be looking at your movie clips and if they see that activity they may change their mind instead of just ignoring your movie clip and attempt to join. If you say you are semi realistic; make sure that you don't force strict rules on your characters. (Eg: "THAT IS TOO PINK! TURN IT RED!" <- this is the negative example of what not to do)

=>Don't Become A God
Don't say that your words are law and that they must bow down their will to you. Don't put your character on a pedestal and make them impersonal unless that is part of their /complete being./ A leader needs to have at least one positive quality over their negatives and being a family-type wolf that establishes a strong leadership output will get you members.

=>Create An Attractive Leader
Although Mr. Black everywhere with white stripes and is skinny would be alright as a member pack; he's not going to drag in members. Having an attractive leader will make others subconsciously click on your bio and check out your group. This doesn't mean you need to make it a male or massive; just make sure that it /attracts/ possible members. Good fur and good markings, an interesting bio and a well-rounded and interesting member will draw in a lot of people like flies.

=>Let Your Members Call You Out On Your Turds
No leader is perfect, and you may not notice if you are extending a control-freak attitude unless you let your members call you out on it. Let them have their opinions and let you have yours, but remember that a good group of members makes an outstanding leader.

i'm open for suggestions on what to add, but this is it for now.
hope you enjoyed and learned a few things!

This is very nice! Very clean and well put together. I bet a lot of people will find this useful!

I like the colors and the layout of this. Good job :)
I like all of these recommendations as well

These are very helpful, well thought out tips, and I think a lot of people will find this useful!

These are some very helpful tips, thank you so much for putting this together and sharing with us! c: Will have to keep this advice in mind for the future!


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