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\Here is where you can add your screenshots of your map creations!//
Map Submissions (you are here!)  Mesh Submissions Texture Submissions

Post a reply to this thread, with your screenshots and downloads added in it!

If you submitted examples of your work to our old submissions thread and are still active and are interested in helping, please repost your submission!
(All old submissions will be archived)

Your examples should include clear screenshots and download links so that staff may review your work.

Your examples MUST be your work only! (This includes heightmaps!)

Take note that the submissions made in this thread are simply to serve as examples of your skills. The submissions are not intended for the patch itself.

You may make as many submissions as you'd like.

There is no deadline for submissions as of yet.

The staff will contact you if we believe your work fits in with the style and needs we're seeking for the game.

Being an avid map-maker myself, I have always enjoyed creating maps for myself and others. It would be awesome to contribute to a community that has been my one true home for years.

Map Screenshots

Very lovely examples of work Cytofin, thank you for submitting here and showing interest <3

Bumping this topic back up because we’d love to see some more submissions in here! :3 If you know anyone who might have interest be sure to spread the word to them!

Very nice work! Thank you for submitting Mossa <3

Keep the submissions coming anyone else who may be interested! We are still looking over these and past submissions so keep um’ coming :D

I think I posted on the old submission, but all of my map examples were older. So, I guess I'll give it a go with my latest work.

Cryptic Refrain 2.0
Remake of my older map. Highly detailed and realistic. Lotso f nooks and crannies to explore. Was created with the reopening of the roleplay. It is a highly detailed map, slower computers may have issues. If crashing occurs change your rendering subsystem to the opposite of what it is or remove the "Zombie's Plant Meshes.fho". It will be barren, but playable.
Normal Download
or the
Anti-Lag Download


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