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I've been a member of FH since the Impressive Title days, but have taken a very, very large break. I came back to visit today, and was thrilled to see that the community is still booming!

As a 'hey I'm back' gift, I thought I'd offer this to you guys. It could easily be used with relation to the game, though I wasn't sure where to post it. I hope here is fine!

It should be noted, first of all, that I am a HUGE nerd for genetics. I'm literally trying to get my degree in it. As a result, I tend to utilize my knowledge in...weird ways. In 2017, I made a cat genetics generator- you simply load the page, scroll down, and compare to the tables above to get a completely random cat, complete with genetics! It takes into account dominant and recessive genes, the general frequency they appear at, etc.

Cat Generator

I include guides as to what each term means in the generator, but here's a quick rundown for those who don't want to read too much:

Most of the time, a cat has 2 copies of a gene, called an allele. Each kitten gets one allele from each of it's parents. The probabilities of what alleles the kitten will get can be found through Punnet Squares. The interaction between the alleles in a cat are determined by dominance.

Dominant genes: Completely overwrite the other gene. For example, Peterbald cats (a type of hairless cats) are completely dominant in their hairlessness. If you have a kitten with one Peterbald hairless allele, it doesn't matter what the other one is- that cat will have no hair.

Recessive genes: Genes that are 'hidden' by the other gene. An example of this is the dilution of coat colors- if a black cat has a diluted coat, it will appear brown. However, dilution is a recessive gene- the cat will appear black, not brown, if it has even one non-dilution allele.

Incomplete dominance: A combination of both genes. For example, if a female cat has a coat color gene for orange and a coat color gene for black, it will come out as a tortoiseshell or calico- a mix of both alleles.

Cat Breeding

Anyone is allowed to edit this document- you can use it to insert cat genes from the original generator to produce theoretical kittens of a pairing! However, PLEASE do not edit the programming of this and only edit the fields where the cat genes go. I have a copy of the functioning generator, but I'd rather not reset the whole thing.


Obviously, use these as you will. However, I was thinking these would probably be best used in roleplaying groups that are multi-generational in nature, such as in warrior cats RPs or other such games. If you do use it though, let me know! :3 I'd love to see what you come up with!

Wow this is amazing! A generator for cat genetics definitely sounds interesting and it's great to know that you're trying to get a degree for genetics! Good luck with that field! The breakdown of the terms is also very straightforward! I've heard about those before. Very well done on creating such a unique generator like this one! I hope that people will use it and better understand all about it. c:

Ah, thank you! :3 It was a lot of effort to put together, but honestly really fun to do because of my interest. I hope people can make use of it! :3 And of course, thank you for taking the time to read! It means a lot to know that people have even noticed what I've made, lol

a fellow genetics nerd

i was gonna go into something like this before getting into techy stuff

i'm going to spend the next month looking at this

Aw, nice! :D It's a pleasure to meet you! Feel free to look all you want, lol!


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