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Marvel Assemble

A roleplay group, as well as a social group!
Marvel Assemble Is based off of Marvel and It’s fantastic characters. Everyone In the server has taken on a character and plays them out. We may add twists to the character, making It seem more of our own, but we also go by canons that Marvel has released. Sometimes we don’t.

We’re a private Discord server, so please DM me here If you’re Interested.
We’re quite active, mostly on Discord and sometimes on FeralHeart.
We’re more of a mature server so please keep that In mind before requesting to join.
Marvel Assemble doesn’t allow people to play another person’s character, so once someone has claimed a character, that character Is taken.
Our main purpose Is to offer a welcoming place for all our members! We love everyone, no matter what or who you are <3
We’re also here to have fun! So let’s keep It that way!

Now, let me show the character list we have! Yes we do allow OCs, but only In limited amounts.


The characters posted In this list are already claimed by people In the server.

Tony Stark
Pepper Potts
Lady Death
Natasha Romanov
Steve Rogers
Bucky Barnes
Wade Wilson
Stephen Strange
Carol Danvers
Scott Lang
Loki Laufeyson
Ghost Rider
Peter Parker
Peter Quill
Thor Odinson
Captain Canada
Gwen Stacy
Miles Morales
Spider-Man Noir

OCs In the Server
Vince Rogers

We allow three characters minimum a person, but some do have more than three. So we have Implemented a rule that In an RP scenario you are only allowed to have three of your own characters active In one scenario. If one of your characters leave, you can add another of yours.

If you wish to join, message me here on the FH Forums with your desired character In mind!


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