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Oddonelynx's Realistic Textures! (Updated Feline)

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These are made from preset textures, the people in credited in the file.
So I made these by downloading free presets and then making them grey and editing the canine & feline mask5.
What to see how they look in-game? Well here you go!

( You can get the eyes here ^_^
https://feral-heart.com/smf/index.php?topic=57194.0 )

The feline's tail has been fixed!)

This texture surely does look realistic so I'd say you definitely nailed that part. Thank you lots for sharing this with us! +Floof

These are beautiful textures. You combined them well. Good work!

Great work!
Love the realistic textures, they tend to really pop when done right <3
Thanks for sharing and once again, great work c:

Very nice looking textures you have here, good job with the combination!


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