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updated with screens: Get FH on Mac without PlayOnMac

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More than a few people have had issues running good ol' FH on mac computers using playonmac, as playonmac has become more and more outdated.

This is a second solution featuring porting kit, and it is a safe program that I've used myself!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I'll try to add some screenshots to each step if need be.

1.  Just in case it doesn't automatically download this version of wine for you, go ahead and download this If you can't open tar.xz files, you can get the Unarchiver download opener for free here .  I use it, it's super fast and helpful and safe.  If the Unarchiver doesn't work for you for any reason, PM me and I'll try to zip up the wine version for you!
You don't need to do anything with the installed wine version files or folder, it's just there for porting kit in case it doesn't automatically download your selected wine 5.0 version.

2.  Next download theportingkit here .  When you open it, you may get a message about the porting kit needing to update itself, I believe most people get this message and you can ignore it.

3.  Upon downloading, open and click library and then click New Custom Port, naming it whatever your heart desires or just FeralHeart.  (I already have FH installed so i've named it feralheart2)

4. Keep clicking next until installation advanced settings.  Do not select any dependencies, leave the window system to your mac driver, and this part is most important, click on the engine drop down menu and click WS9Wine5.0, only this version!  Not staging!

(see the 5.0?? just click that! nothing else!)

5.  It'll then ask you about the install location.  The default location that it has set should work fine, however I would maybe make sure you've uninstalled your playonmac version first.  Click next.

6.  Next it will ask you to select your feralheart installer.  You should have this downloaded already, but if not just fetch it from the downloads page here on the site.  Go to downloads and select the installer.

7.  After all is installed, it will ask you select the feralheart executable, the file that will actually start the game.  It should open the now installed feralheart folder for you, so all you need to do is click feralheart.exe !

8. And look at that, installation was successful.  Now feralheart should show up in your porting kit libraries tab.

To open the C drive (exports, media etc for markings installations and such) all you need to do is click that tiny down pointing arrow at the bottom right of the feralheart tab you see there, and click open C drive, then install things as normal (:  If you can't see the arrow, try right clicking the game too.

Moving this over to Miscellaneous tutorials board~

Thank you for this, Leda! I'm sure it'll help a lot of members that have issues with FH on their macs =)

Thank you, wasn’t sure where to put it !

Ahhh very wonderful Leda! This will help out quite a few people! Thank you!

God bless u Leda


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