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Create Your Own Feralheart HD!

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Feralheart HD who? By following these steps, you today could make your own FHHD! Yes that's right, you read the title right. Click any of the links to find out how!
Getting Started
Setting Up Shaders

Getting Started
First you'll need to download Reshade!
Once that's done, you'll probably see this

Clicking on the big grey button will bring you here!

If you can't find Feralheart, click browse.

Once you find your FH folder, click the .EXE icon
That should result in this message:

Feralheart has both OpenLG and Direct3D! You can check which one you use by checking your Ogre.CFG file. I'll choose OpenLG since I play Feralheart on that
I already have Reshade installed, so this message pops up for me but probably shouldn't for you.

Now here's where you choose what shaders to use, you can always change it later!

Select everything you'd like to have (can also be changed later, so don't worry about it ^.^)
If it says this:

Then you're now ready to go onto the next step :D

Setting Up Shaders
Now that you've got everything set, it's time to log into the game!
Since you don't have to log in for this part, don't worry about the play game tab!

Once you're in, press the "home" button your keyboard!

Pressing the home button should pull up this neat thing.
This is where all of your installed shaders should be, this is where all the magic happens. You can mess with all your shaders here! Then you should end up with your own Feralheart HD!  ;)

Okay, everyone can now post below this message!

woah, thank you lots for this tutorial Im sure many will find it helpful!
My question is does it affect the fps of the game? (asking since I dont really have a gaming pc xD)


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