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Create Your Own Feralheart HD!

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--- Quote from: ferimeX3 on March 07, 2021, 06:17:24 pm ---woah, thank you lots for this tutorial Im sure many will find it helpful!
My question is does it affect the fps of the game? (asking since I dont really have a gaming pc xD)

--- End quote ---
As far as I know, nope! If it does, it's usually unnoticeable.

Very nice tutorial! Definitely going to mess with this at some point. Thank you for making this! Also aye there's mah bab Ray xD

Oh wow! This is super cool!
Thanks :D

This is amazing! It makes the game look so much more real, I just fear the lag might haunt my computer with this graphics. xD Other than that, that's cool.

Thank you for this tutorial! It looks absolutely stunning!


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