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So a lot of people always love events and want to host their own, but they don't know where to start! Now I do not consider myself the best at hosting community events, but I have had enough successful events to give my own two cents on this whole topic, so let's get started!
Step One: Finding Your Idea
This is the hardest part. Is it around any major holiday like 4th of July, Memorial Day,
Valentines, etc.? If it is, you can always make a themed event based on that holiday. There
are also "National Days" that you could have a party themed on. Personally I love to use
this website to figure out what national days are coming up and if it is possible to make
an event based on it.

Another thing to take into consideration is a theme based on just a game! A while ago I hosted
a dance line party, hide-n-seek party, and other single-item based parties! This step is all based on
personal preference and it can be made easy to figure out a theme or idea if you can find the
right resources.
Step Two: Working Out The Details
This step includes figuring out the date, time, and location of a party. We will first focus on date/time.
There are many different factors to take into consideration for the date and time as we have many
players who are in school, work, and college. Weekends make a great time to host parties - but then you
have to think about time! Different time zones make party planning pretty difficult as we want
to include everyone. The best thing to do is to use a time converter and see what time it is
in other parts of the world and try to figure out a time that is not too late or early for most people.

The location is not as important as it is all personal preference. If you have a beach themed party,
it would be best to host it in one of our beach maps. If it doesn't really have a theme, The Grounds or
the surrounding maps (close to TG) could work out nicely as they are easy to get to and there is a
higher chance of members joining who did not see the thread.
Step Three: Minigames and Filler Content
So now you have your theme and basic information found, so now it is time to find out what
you should do during the event. Minigames are a great filler. Some ideas for that include:
Scavenger Hunt
Best Dressed
Dance Contest
And more!
There are always larger "minigames" that you can put into events that a lot of people like.
These include:
Screenshot Contest
Preset Contest
And other things that take more time and could end up with a "prize" of artwork, a preset, or some
other prize. Don't forget to have your own panel of judges for these bigger contests!
Step Four: The Dreaded Thread
Making a pretty thread to go along with an amazing community event can be pretty difficult. I have found
my own setup that I like a lot and have used to make other people their own threads for events. Rather than
give a whole thread layout right here, I will link a few threads for parties that I have made that can catch
the eye of anyone who may happen to see it!
National Cuddle-Up Day
World Day
Day of Love
Step Five: Music and Movie
Music and movies are not required for events, but it seems like a lot of people love them! To do the music
I find it easiest to use Twitch, the staff, or Discord. If you ask I would be more than happy to host music on
the old "FH Radio Show" of mine - or if you ask the staff maybe they can stream it right to the forums! If neither
option works, you can always use a Discord server (or even the FeralHeart Society server) to host your music. Make
sure that music remains appropriate and enjoyable for all!

The Movie is a bit more difficult. Kast is a great tool to use to host movies, but can be difficult to setup. My personal
recommendation would be to use the "Screen Share" option on Discord. It is easy to setup and easy to join! Make
sure the movie is appropriate - and if you want you could have more than one option for people to vote on within
the thread!
Step Six: The Event
Everything was figured out and now comes the day for the actual event. You want to make sure that you
show up earlier than the rest of the others so you are prepared. I personally like to have a word document
or something open so I can list how long I would like each minigame or segment to last - that can keep the
whole event organized and run more smoothly.

Once the event starts, that is when you can start to relax! Things practically run itself as long as you give
slight guidance. Just keep the music going and people will be fine!
And that's it! Hosting events can be pretty easy if you know what you are doing. Don't be afraid to host an event! No matter what you will always have a few people show up and have buckets of fun. I hope that this will encourage more people to host their own events! Happy Planning!

thanks for sharing the process, spicy! i'm sure a lot of people will get some great ideas/traction from this. hope to see some great events come to fruition with the tools provided here!

Aww, this is so playful and adorable. I love it~
Thank you for sharing this lil' tutorial with everyone, Spicy. It's amazing. x3

thank you a lot for this post Spicy! Im sure this will help lots of people who want to host an event of their own^^

Great tutorial.


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