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I have found a much easier way to post images on this forum and I would like to share it with you all today. There is a website called that you can use to store images with absolutely no account required. It also generates the correct BBCode for forums. Here are the steps to use this awesome website:

1. visit

2. drop your images onto the webpage and wait for them to upload:

3. click the button beside "Codes for all images" that looks like a clipboard:

4. simply paste the copied BBCode into a new message on the forum and compose the rest of the message

Credit to Ame for suggesting this wonderful website!  ;D

wow thank you both for putting this up! This is very useful :3


lol Thanks for this! I'm sure it will be super helpful for peeps~

Just wanted to point out real quick that if you upload a single image, you have the option of getting a forum hotlink (aka. link to full size image instead of a thumbnail).

Thank you for posting this, Dylan! I'm sure many users will find this quite helpful!


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