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This is the second time posting in this board, but this one is going to be more permanent goodbye...

I am proud of what this community has become - y'all are great and I hope that it continues to grow and prosper, but sadly it is my time to go. As of recently, my interest in the game has declined. I have classes and work which are taking over and in my free time I generally prefer to spend time playing games with my brother or spending time exploring where I live.

As I said, I do hope that y'all continue on and succeed on everything going on in your lives. <3

Those of you who have me on Disc - feel free to shoot me DMs and stay in contact, yo


happy trails, spicy.

Wow. Crazy to know you're leaving, Spicy!

I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors and hope that things go well for you in school and work!


Spoice =( It has been an absolute honor to work alongside you. Your time and efforts put into the community have surely been noticed and appreciated by so many. You will be deeply missed by all of us. If you ever want to return, you know where to look! Stay safe out there~

May life carry you where you need to be~

Good luck!


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