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what is/are your alias/es


all in the title!
what, if any aliases/nicknames/usernames do you go by on here or other sites?
what were previous ones? why did you change them?

i'll start - i go by tellu and arte, both of them shortened from telluric/artemis respectively.
in the past i've gone by lauren, cat, rock, reaper/gabe, that one deranged weirdo who sits at the wall and poly[phonic]

usually name changes for me came and went just as i went through my edgy teen years, lauren was my first and second longest lasting seeing as how it was the name of my first original wizard101 character.
cat was derived from caty26, an old old user of mine i don't use anywhere anymore.
rock was my skype name for when skype was relevant- it came from an in joke with some buddies of mine.
reaps was. when else but when in 2017 i started roleplaying as reaper for almost days on end [sophomore year changes you fundamentally.]
and it was about that time i had arte picked up too - my sister had gone by athena for nearly her entire time existing in online spaces, and artemis in greek mythology was athena's [half] sister. it was just something kinda natural for us, even if we're on two completely different ends of the internet.
the wall praising thing? well. i never really gave that up, now did i.
and lastly polyphonic, which started when i wanted to match the users of my main and side account which was dubbed heterophonic.

of course, usernames is a whole other boatload considering i have two accounts that have lasted me from 2013 + 2017 - present. maybe i'll elaborate in another reply if this post gets traction.

regardless! now i wanna hear from you guys! is there any deep reasons behind your usernames/aliases you've used online?


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