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Hey everyone :D

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Hails, haila, and hail! I am Wodenscild (they/them)! I am 18 years old from Australia! I sorta impulse downloaded this as I have had a massive wave of nostalgia for Dragon's Den and Feral Heart over the past few months, and wanted to jump back into something that reminds me of when life was simpler- back before, ya know: university, bills, adulting- I study a bachelor of social science majoring linguistics and minoring in Indonesian, and have an interest in endangered languages. I would love to make a few friends here! And get back into Feral Heart! I have missed this game.

welcome back, im glad you decided to revisit :D endangered languages sounds really interesting! Hope to see you again either in game or here ^_^

Hey there, Wodenscild! I wish you a warm welcome back!
I can absolutely relate to your wave of nostalgia, that is exactly the reason I have been going back to FeralHeart and Impressive Title servers too c:
Perhaps we will see each other in-game! Would love to see your characters!
Oh boy, the whole adulting thing is hard. Wishing we could go back in time to relive those simpler days!
I wish you the best of luck with your studies, they sound quite fascinating~

Welcome back to FeralHeart! Always nice to see people return to the game! Good luck with your studies!

howdy! glad to see ya back


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