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Incorrect password?


Hello! I just got back into Feral Heart for the sake of nostalgia however my password seems to be incorrect. I mean, I'm logged on right now so surely it isn't. Sometimes it will come up as not being able to connect to the front server but other times it just tells me I have an incorrect username/password.

I changed my username maybe 30 minutes ago from Djneondubstep ---> reau

I also changed my password because I of course, being an average human being do not remember my password from an obscure roleplaying game from my middle school days lol

Hey make sure you have the PLAY GAME tab open at all times when you are trying to log in.

As for the password have you tried resetting/changing your password as well? If not, i'd give that a try too!

sorry for the late reply ! yes the tab thing I have to keep open was indeed open. I've refreshed it a few times and it is still not working ^^;;,


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