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Since may 8th, Feralheart Unleashed has released. This game has been deteriorating and I think this is the final nail in the coffin. I haven't decided whether to leave for good, either because leaving posts are quite useless (I'm not a very memorable fellow) or that I might come back anyways. Even the most active of active folks have stopped playing, and in comparison it is a house of memories. I might keep the files, including various mods for the sake of future. Maybe it will pay off.

I don't know the meaning of this post. :) But I can tell you that FeralHeart is not dead. It is normal that everyone is in hype with Unleashed. Since it is a new game that is currently constantly evolving due to the promises of its updates.
FH is right now is in the making. Unfortunately the staffs can't show anything but I can tell you that something is on the way.

I hope you give it a try when this comes out!

I really hope do stay! Games and communities have their ups and downs but I can assure you that its not the end, its just a part of the continuing journey :D
Also, I do remember you^^ and no matter what, you will be welcomed back whenever you decide to return <3

FH still has some things up it's sleeve, it just needs some time to forge those said things.

Activity has dwindled, yes, but we aren't going anywhere. There is still a community here that cares so much for this game.

no reason people can't traipse through both games. something for everybody/they have different atmospheres/pulls.
edit- removed inflammatory comment, still stand by it though. can't be a dead game if there's at least one player and all.
to pull the reigns off of my current vindication, i know there's been a new update for this game in the works for a long time and i trust that once raz approves it that we'll have something cool to look forward to here. if you leave that's your choice and it'll be respected, though if the prospect of more happening here interests you, there's nothing lost stalking every once and a while.


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