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Hello there, it's been a long time since I have been on Feral-Heart. I noticed a new patch along with another patch to it. I have already downloaded them, replace the old to new .exe, opened the tab window for the login, and when I opened the game, it still gives me the message, "failed to connect to server". Is there something that I am missing from this? I take this is still being worked on? Again, it has been a long time.

Hey there! Sometimes the webpage is finicky so make sure not to minimize it when playing. It can also take a few minutes to work, if that still doesn't work try refreshing to see if for some reason it clears the login (happens to me sometimes).

If after it refreshes it stays logged in, I'm not sure but I'll do some digging for ya!

Thank you! I appreciate it. I miss playing this game and wanted to show a friend of this someday.


As Blood has mentioned, it can take a bit for the login page to connect to the server, so be sure to wait a couple minutes after you login on the play game tab!
Try also switching browsers and see if that makes a difference.

These two threads have some other possible solutions if the issue persists: The BIG help thread and A quick understanding of the new login

Let us know how you go~.

Ooooooohhh! I got the game going on now. Yaay, thank you so much.


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