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From the depths of time, I return to thee...


After posting a bunch on the forums, I realized I haven't even said hello yet. XP

Hi everyone!  I was big into FeralHeart back in 2013 or so, and nostalgia brought me back to see the old community.  It makes me happy to see that there are still some loyal fans who are keeping this little corner of the internet lively!

I'm a gentleman of the university once again (that is to say, a college slob), so I probably won't be on much, but it's sure nice reconnecting. :)  How's everyone doing?

Hi there! (don't worry. I never even made an introduction post.)

As one of those people who sits in this little corner of the internet from time to time, I'm glad you stopped by. I'm not terribly active either, unfortunately, but you might see me around every so often.

And I'm doing fine c:

welcome back to these parts, and good on ya for hosting an event to hit the ground running as you come back! enjoy your time here.

Thanks, for the warm welcome!  Glad you saw the event, Telluric!  Think you might join in?

Very late to this but I wanted to give you a warm welcome back to FeralHeart! I definitely remember you from awhile ago. Very happy to see you back around here ^ -^ Excited to see you around!


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