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hi there!!!! i'm Ash and I used to play on here a bit when i was younger, along with other similar sites. being an Adultâ„¢ is stressful and lonely sometimes so i thought it'd be fun to see if there's still a community here and people who play. it feels like a little corner of the old internet.....anyway, i'm kind of awkward but would still love to meet any of ya! ^~^

also...Does the url for avatar option still work??? uploading from my pc is always blurry, but nothing i've tried with the url upload has worked :-( so i am faceless!!!!

i felt this, every word of it! also Hey! im super new here still figuring things out and how they work, when i was younger i'd get it no just slow lol

Albeit late, but welcome back to FeralHeart! Adulting can be a wide verity of things definitely, but I'm glad you've decided to stop back in. Unfortunately I do believe the url option is a bit broken- terribly sorry about that. Regardless of being faceless, however, I'm excited to see you around!

Heyyoooo welcome back!! Hope to bump into ya in game sometime :3


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