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Hi there, FH community!
I've been around FeralHeart under many different usernames, to the point where I can't remember any of them... I haven't been here since the last update (that looks to have been the downfall of FH?) but thought I'd make a return to become a part of the regrowth of the game. I've heard talks of an incoming update, though no official date I assume.

Anyway,, looking forward to seeing a revival, hopefully.

Love your dinosaur signature, and the dragon profile picture. Welcome back, I too wish to see a RENAISSANCE! ;D

ooooo welcome back! glad to see people help bring the activity back :D
Hope to see ya at the halloween party ^_^

welcome back to the community, enjoy your time here!

Welcome back to FH!

Oh my goodness with your signature, I really hope you play The Isle. That looks like a teno! :D


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