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Selling custom art/presets/maps/etc?


i'm not really seeing anyone sell their artistic services here... are people interested in that sort of thing? buying custom presets and maps etc? or is this more of a free request sort of place...? which is fine btw, i am just curious :]

like i think it would be really fun to sell a Feral Heart "package" that includes a custom preset of your character, a custom den/territory map for them, and a custom forum signature for you to use. would people actually pay for something like that...? it wouldn't be expensive or anything...
i dunno let me know what you think :3

That is possible for sure. It depends if someone wants to pay for it, but i dont really like to see that anything, no matter what, gets selled. Since especially the Preset-Textures are only usable in FeralHeart. But we allow that, as long as our Forum dont changes into a huge selling Place. Most ppl do Presets for Free anyways. Even Signatures or other Stuff.
But as i sed, everyone can, if he/she wants, no one has to.


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