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*Thinks* What will you do?

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So when the servers are up, what do you all think your gonna do? Run around? Rp a crap load with a clan? Anything and everything :3 I wanna know the first thing you do when you get in game :)

~Im going to run around in circles all happy like, make friends, play around with ppl, rp a bit, and rape pplz faces while their afk~ LOL fun right? xD

I'll try to find my friends and add them into friend list ;D

We have friend lists ..

I suppose I'm just gonna start running around like a maniac till I get dizzy ... then go join any pals I find online in a crazy RP round. 8D

Yes, they put in friend lists. Easier to see when friends are on / where they are :)

Be like a five year old and scream. Cause I was never on IT, I'll be freaked. Find people roleplayong and join in, explore. Soo much!


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