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Staff Creations thread interest?

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After a suggestion/idea from a staff member we might as well throw up a vote for you guys to decide.

The thought is to make a sticky on the main Addons & Creations board which would include most of the staffs creations in one place. At least a place for all the staff creations to go.

Some might find this "unfair" due to the staff creations would be slightly more highlighted than others and therefore get more who sees/downloads their modifications for the game.

The choice is really yours, but the main purpose of this would be to gather  most of the staffs creations in one place and make it easy to spot/download for the majority.

I am sorry, I am not sure if I am supposed to post here! But I think that would be great!

Ikr... very :)

I think it would be great :3
If we do this,  I won't have to go searching through the boards for Kyugima's, Sameth's, Delay's and other Staff member's creations :3.

Alaskan :
I'm late, it was already created. xD It's a great idea anyway. Thanks Red.



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