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A fursona is a character the represents you in some way.
Maybe not in every way (I don't think you have fur!), but at least one way; maybe it's the eyes, hair, personality ect.

My fursona is a white wolf; based off Balto's mother, Aniu.
Was back on Impressive Title I created her, and since then, I have barely gone on any other character.
I named her Whitewolf xD My ex actually named her that and I kept it LOL

Since I don't roleplay her, she MUST have my personality, and my eyes. Well.. my left eye LOL (I haz a green and a blue).
I don't even have a butterfly necklace like my fursona, although i'm looking for one.

Her star marking changed from shades of grey to gold.
Matters what mood i'm in when I draw her xD

So, how about you guys?
You have fursonas?

mine is running in my signature, her name is Justice. She is a vampire dog. :)

mine is in my avatar and my signature ^^ his name is Li-Li and he's a fennec coyote. his colors reflect my personality CX

Mine isn't really a dog or cat of any sort, I just made her up. Her name's Cairo and is depicted in my avvie. Her ref and story of how she was invented are here:


Thats mine hehe. She's a species of my own creation, and has similar personality traits. She's based off of... well I have no idea actually. Just poofled into my twisted little mind one day.


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