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My fursona sways back and forth between an actual fursona and a character.  She is me but amplified in certain ways.  Her traits are stronger than mine.  Like, roleplay is roleplay to me, so I'm not worried about "hurting" people, if it's STRICTLY roleplay. I mean, if they're in some sort of crisis my natural motherly instincts will take over, and I will nurture them through it, but anyway. 

My fursona is a she-wolf named Bullet.  She's all black with emerald green eyes. so she sports my unnatural hair color and eye color.  She is somewhat mean, like myself.  Brutally honest is a better way to put it.  She will help anyone in a rut, but will not sugar coat the truth from them.  That has honestly gotten me into a lot of trouble in real life.   She's me, but she is roleplayed to an extent, too.  I said that already, but I don't know how to clarify it. 

Oooh, fursonas. Well, mine is quite complicated. But I will simplify her the best I can.

Halo promise obviously represents me in many ways and even things I want/wish to be in personality. Halo is highly intelligent and rarely pessimistic. She likes to view the world in more positive ways though she is very aware of the constant problems. However Halo is one to wish to make things better, she is a born leader and aims to make others constantly happy how ever she can. She normally knows right from wrong and prefers to take the long way.

Halo owns a pack (website TFPR) In reality, Halo is one for peace, caring and loving towards her pack, she is calm and serene for the most part, able to take blows well. She loves any one in her pack and will do absolutely any thing for them, to extreme limits. She works non-stop for every one and aims to please. She knows well her job will eventually drive her to insanity but she is hanging on for as long as she possibly can for them. Halo is a chimera, a cross between liger and dragon. Liger from her mothers side, Makami and dragon from her fathers side, Junsieheki. Her parents were both warriors, ones who were once long ago pitted against each other when clans use to clash in wars. Any way, to keep on track. Her pelt is a lavishing dove white, that shimmers with a beautiful spectrum of vivid colors from the beads of ice that cling to the silky strands. She owns a pair of angel like wings, massive as a total 21 ft wingspan in order to pick up her large form. She has a isabelline reptilian tail, the under part is layers of plate like scales, a glassy sapphire color that runs all the way through her underbelly to her broad chest. The same colored sapphire is on her swayed back horns and claws. She certainly appears more feline then dragon, but one could not pinpoint it either way on their own. Her eyes are a stunning royal azure that appear to glitter with brilliance even with the dimmest of lighting, if one was to look hard enough, they could swear they could see the millions of ribbons of stars with in them. She had deep navy bangs that hang just above her eyes and the back could reach down to her hips if she was to stand upright. Her ears are tipped with capri and bordered with a lovely spring green color, the same goes for her ankles and her nose is a solid cyan. She stands at 5ft on fours and 7'5 on twos, weighing in at 200 lbs. Halo is surprisingly young to be queen, only at the age of 1 year and 10 months. Even at this age she has amazing experience from running such a massive pack, having seen it all almost. She has a strong sense of class, very polite when need be. She seems to have a strong hatred towards Sephiroth, well aware of his plans, though she knows she could not take him out. She indeed has gotten in several fights with him, losing 3 of them while the rest just remain unfinished. Halo has two siblings, Inferno and Shensie, the sub-queen. The both greatly contrast her personality, Inferno being a hot tempered female who has a tomboy attitude, thought of as a bully of sorts, then Shensie, they hyper active younger sister that comes across innocently immature.

o.o So yeah. That's as short as it gets...

Oh Finally, Fursonas. It's been ages but I still remember. I can't find his original Images but I can show you a couple of artwork one of my besties did of him. Well, My Old Bestie anyways.



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